Del Monte ensures uninterrupted supply in Covid-19-

Del Monte promises "uninterrupted access" to produce amid Covid-19 pandemic

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Del Monte promises

Fresh Del Monte announced on Tuesday that its vertically integrated supply chain will continue to deliver an uninterrupted supply chain of produce to its stores.

To tackle the potential negative effects of the global pandemic, it outlined four steps it's taking to support its employees and business - with the goal of providing uninterrupted fruits and vegetables to stores.

Following the emergence of Covid-19, the company created an Executive Crisis Management team to best communicate developments to "ensure business continuity".

Del Monte is also keeping its production facilities open and functioning during this time in locations where possible.

Amid concerns about fresh food safety, the company's manufacturing policies have increased to include more intensive cleaning cycles. This, it said, is an effort to protect against pathogen cross-contamination.

The specifics of Del Monte's Covid-19 initiative in facilities involve strict monitoring of handwashing and sanitation requirements. Employees who show signs of sickness are immediately removed from production facilities to monitor their health before being exposed to manufacturing again.

While it stressed that these measures were a regular practice previously, such strict regulation of the practices is central to the company's efforts to mitigate Covid-19 spread.

Finally, it announced that it has activated its supply chain "contingency plans" that relate to Del Monte's ability to service its customers by avoiding any further disruptions along its supply chain.

In the press release, the produce supplier said that it is happy with the response of its committed employees to ensure that its fruit gets in the hands of consumers, uninterrupted.

“We are proud of the role we are playing to keep the world fed, and the 43,000 members of the global Fresh Del Monte Produce family remain committed to meet this very important objective,” Youssef Zakharia, Fresh Del Monte's president said in a release.

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