South Africa: Capespan providing for vulnerable farming communities amid operational challenges

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South Africa: Capespan providing for vulnerable farming communities amid operational challenges

Capespan acknowledged the dedicated growers, packers, and food supply chain workers across the globe in an announcement about its efforts to provide for producing communities across the world.

"The Capespan Blue Hand Foundation has been actively involved in supporting vulnerable farm working communities during the Covid-19 crisis," said the foundation's manager Ansonette van der Merwe.

Capespan's Blue Hand Foundation has recently recognized the important work of the "rural communities directly linked with production and supply of world produce".

In a statement Wednesday the international fresh produce supplier commented on current conditions.

“Operational challenges have become an overwhelming reality during the Covid-19 crisis”, says Tonie Fuchs managing director of Capespan.

“We however remain committed to overcome these challenges and ensure that we play our part in the continued global supply of fresh fruit during a time when a healthy lifestyle is even more amplified than before.”

These efforts for the foundation involve providing vulnerable communities with fresh foods. Soon after the lockdown commenced, Capespan's foundation has supported the Northern and Easter Cape with food hampers.

Hampers are distributed to poor community members in areas near the Capespan food-producing regions, it said in the statement.

And in the Eastern Cape, the Blue Hand has a soup kitchen that is currently supplying 300 people on a weekly basis with meals. Donations for the food hampers doubled their reach before the Easter weekend, it detailed.

Along with economically vulnerable populations, Capespan's food hampers reach a number of young children that were previously dependent upon school meal plans and chronically ill and elderly patients who are unable to work in the citrus-producing valleys.

Also, Capespan has partnered with a local business in Kakamas by supplying materials for face masks for employees working on the frontlines during the Covid-19 pandemic.

By providing the community with the fresh fruit that it needs to prosper, the foundation's charitable efforts hope to show the company's thanks to its growers and production workers.


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