Superfresh Growers announces the arrival of Super Cherry brand -

Superfresh Growers announces the arrival of Super Cherry brand

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Superfresh Growers announces the arrival of Super Cherry brand


Yakima, WA- May 21, 2020 It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s Super Cherry™! Superfresh Growers® is excited to announce the arrival of Super Cherry™, the biggest cherries on the tree! They are extra juicy, extra tasty, and extra large! The 2020 line-up includes both Dark Sweet and Rainier cherries in pouch bags and clamshells.

Exclusively grown and shipped by Superfresh Growers, these jumbo NW cherries will deliver a premium, special cherry offering that complements retailers’ “every day” cherry programs. “This summer we are expecting a sensational crop of jumbo sized Rainier and Dark Sweet cherries,” describes Catherine GipeStewart, Communications Manager. “As normal summer plans are changing, and consumer spend more time at home, they are treasure-hunting groceries stores for cool food to elevate backyard cookouts. Super Cherry is ideal for delighting family members with an exclusive feeling produce item.”

During the past decade, Superfresh Growers has continually invested in farming with the objective of creating large, delicious fruit, while extending the cherry season. As the demand for larger fruit increases, the Superfresh farm team continues to prune and train trees to create larger fruit size.

“Cherries are one of the produce department’s top-dollar items, and we recognize the importance of helping retailers creatively optimize their cherry sales outside of the traditional Fourth of July and Canada Day promotional period,” says Gipe-Stewart.

“We expect families to forego traditional vacations this summer and stay close to home with small groups of family and friends. Cherries will be a popular way to add excitement to back yard picnics and grilling. We are happy to have a good-sized crop to support these backyard adventures!” says GipeStewart.

To find out more about how Superfresh Growers can support your summer cherry program, reach out to your Superfresh Growers representative.

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