CVVP, committed to agriculture and plant variety innovation

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CVVP, committed to agriculture and plant variety innovation

We have been right beside our members, progressing hand-in-hand, giving them all our attention, so that they reap the benefits of our hard work and commitment in the all-round management of their plant varieties.

It is harvest time, which is why we are stepping up our efforts to keep on supplying them with an impeccable service. More dedication, more control and more protection so that we can harvest our best fruit together.

For our company, the Compañía de Variedades Vegetales Protegidas A.I.E. (CVVP), obtaining top quality, protection and authenticity when it comes to the plant varieties that we manage has always been a number one priority. Indeed, now more than ever, we have joined all our forces to provide our members with the most valuable thing: safety and trust.

CVVP currently manages 7 plant varieties. Among them is the Leanri mandarin, the m7 orange and the Summer Prim extra late ripening Fino lemon, which was recently granted EU protection by the CPVO.

We would also like to mention the new Rossy kiwi varieties, Sunxy01 and Sunxy02, which will be marketed and sold under the brand name Kibi and of
course, the late ripening Nadorcott mandarin, which in the latest campaign has, just like in previous years, managed to get outstanding results.

Committed to plant variety innovation and agriculture We still advocate developing new and better plant varieties. To this end and to make the work of our plant breeders, licensees and farmers easier, CVVP has put all the technical and
human resources needed to be successful in managing their plant variety at their disposal.

Advice, control and assistance from when the plant variety is being registered right up until it is put on the market.
The protection and the promotion of their work, is essential. In our endeavours to detect any possible illegality and guarantee the protection and the authenticity of the plant varieties that we manage, we have established field supervision protocols, along with different warehouse assessments.

By taking extra care in our inspections, we can ensure that all and each of the requirements that distinguish the ownership of each plant variety are met, to therefore protect the rights of our members.

At the Compañía de Variedades Vegetales Protegidas A.I.E. (CVVP) we would like to praise and thank the agricultural sector for all its hard work and effort to help society during this time of crisis. Its willingness and positive attitude when trying to comply with the different control and safety protocols as well as those related to obtaining certificates, has been
exemplary and admirable.

Trusting in CVVP to manage your plant variety, gives you the opportunity to be part of a consolidated community of plant breeders and experts, who are united and have one common goal: to be successful when it comes to managing their plant varieties. Join us. Join us, grow with us

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