Superfresh Growers berry season about to begin

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Superfresh Growers berry season about to begin

Yakima, WA - Northwest berry season is only a week away, and Superfresh Growers® and Norris Farms® are excited to deliver premium blueberries and kiwi berries to the world! These two multi-generation family growers complement each other in farming, marketing, and logistical expertise.

Harvest is expected to start the week of June 9, with great quality and size projected. “Weather this crop year has been in our favor. We have been experiencing cool nights that will help increase fruit sizing, create a more uniform size, and increase the brix of the blueberries,” explains Catherine Gipe-Stewart, Communications Manager.

The Superfresh blueberry fields are located in Oregon’s Umpqua Valley, a climate ideal for large, high-quality blueberries over a long season. The Umpqua Valley is known for warm sunny days and evenings cooled by coastal breezes. This results in low summer humidity which reduces the risk of condition and quality problems, and extends the harvest season.

Superfresh blueberry season will go into September, and will end just as kiwi berry season starts. “Kiwi berries are bite-sized nutritional dynamos! They are rich with antioxidants, fiber, vitamin C, vitamin E, magnesium, and potassium,” explains Gipe-Stewart. “Kiwi berries have a sweetness and beautiful flavor that is best when slightly soft and the skin starts to shrivel.”

“We are expecting families to forego their traditional vacations this summer and look for fun and exciting new foods to elevate their backyard adventures. Fresh blueberries and kiwi berries will be a popular way to add excitement to backyard picnics, and gatherings with close family and friends,” continues Gipe-Stewart.

“We offer a whole selection of fruit for your summer promotions. With our internal logistics team, DSG Logistics®, we can easily create a mixer load of blueberries, cherries, apricots, apples, and pears. We are here for you and what you need to promote,” says Gipe-Stewart.

Superfresh Growers is optimistic for export sales. “We are looking to be well positioned this season with the continued growth of Southeast Asia including the Vietnam market which recently opened last year. The Philippines and China have been added to Superfresh Growers future market development. European and United Kingdom markets are active as well.”

Norris Farms, a family-owned business based in Roseburg, Oregon is recognized world-wide for their quality blueberries. Superfresh Growers, a fifth-generation family-owned business based in Yakima, Washington, is a vertically integrated agricultural organization specializing in farming, warehousing, sales, marketing, and logistical services. They offer a broad manifest of conventional and organic apples, pears, cherries, apricots, blueberries, and kiwi berries.

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