Mexico: SiCar Farms expecting bigger lime volumes in coming years despite drought

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Mexico: SiCar Farms expecting bigger lime volumes in coming years despite drought

One of Mexico's leading lime suppliers says it is expecting an increase in lime production over the coming years despite severe challenges in the country related to the drought.

SiCar Farms told that climate change has affected Mexican lime plantations in both production and quality.

Although the company has been able to fulfill its commercial commitments, it said the situation has become a "major challenge".

"For the next few years, our perspective regarding the cultivation is an increase in citrus production, due to the increase in lime plantations in the different regions of Mexico," the company said.

Lime supplies in the U.S. - Mexico's leading export market - have fluctuated greatly over recent years, but SiCar Farms said the lime industry is aiming to create greater stability in the future.

It added that limes have been gaining ground in areas where its consumption has been low, in part thanks to their health properties.

"Regarding the demand for limes as well as its derivatives, it presents an upward trend, thanks to the acceptance in the market for its flavor, different properties and health benefits, that’s why the industry of this citrus is consolidated in all its links of the production chain," the company said.

SiCar added that this year's season has been "full of challenges" as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic, with the company having to double its efforts in order to increase volumes considerably year-on-year.

SiCar will also be opening a warehouse in California in order to be closer to their clients in this region.

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