Apple developed to resist climate change receives "rave reviews"

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Apple developed to resist climate change receives

The first apple to be commercially released from the Hot Climate Programme, ‘HOT84A1’, is receiving rave reviews from growers in Italy, France and the UK, after a series of evaluations this year.

The Hot Climate Programme is a global breeding program focused on the long-term sustainability of apple and pear productions in a warming climate.

A group of selected growers and marketers are reporting that ‘HOT84A1’ is growing well, and features an attractive, rich red color with excellent texture and a sweet taste. 

Growers have also discovered that the apple performs equally as well in temperate climates, as it does in hot climates.

“This is an exciting find and proves that this apple is well suited to many different geographies,” said Gary Wellwood, T&G’s Global Variety Development Manager.

“It opens up further opportunities for growers in both the Northern and Southern hemispheres and provides an opportunity for year-round supply.”

In the Northern hemisphere, the variety blooms in mid-April with harvest timing in late September to early October. 

This places ‘HOT84A1’ in market approximately two weeks earlier than Fuji, meaning that consumers get to experience this variety on supermarket shelves for longer.

He said although Covid-19 has restricted the ability to hold fruit evaluation sessions this season, there has still been strong interest, according to the press release.

“Our European representative is organizing tasting events in Spain, Italy, France and other locations.  If we can’t get the people to the fruit, we will organize to get the fruit to the people!” Gary said.

Jeremy Linsell, Worldwide Fruit UK, Technical Development Manager said, “‘HOT84A1’ has performed well in testing in the United Kingdom.” 

“UK-grown fruit was tested by leading retailers and consumers in the UK with the sweet apple being highly rated and given very positive feedback.”

In its second year as strategic commercialization partner for the Hot Climate Programme, T&G Global has made good progress with the first variety under license.

‘HOT84A1’ is being planted in commercial volumes in Catalonia, Spain. Fruit Futur, partners in the Hot Climate Programme, have committed to a planting program over the next six years in an effort to provide consumers with fruit of great color, as well as exceptional flavor and texture.   

Spanish growers are eager to mitigate the effects of hot summer temperatures, such as sunburn, reduced color and softer textures, on the quality of their apple crop and have jumped at the chance to access this variety. 

Interest in the variety has been strong. ‘HOT84A1’ trees are being circulated globally, and in 2021 T&G Global, together with its material services provider, Dalival, will begin planting further test blocks throughout Europe.  

Planting of test trees for evaluation in Australia, the USA and South Africa are expected within a few years.

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