New Zealand kiwiberry ‘a healthy choice’ -

New Zealand kiwiberry ‘a healthy choice’

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New Zealand kiwiberry ‘a healthy choice’
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The high summer temperatures and long hours of sunshine in the Bay of Plenty region (where the largest hectares of kiwi berry are grown) has meant that the industry is predicting a good crop for the 2021 season. As growers we endeavor to produce the highest quality fruit possible, it looks like 2021 is going to be another good season for great-tasting high-quality fruit”, says Geoff Oliver, Chairman of the NZ Kiwiberry Grower Association.

Harvested between early February and early April, the NZ Kiwiberry is recognized globally for its high quality and nutritional value. It has higher levels of vitamin C (gram for gram) than kiwifruit and oranges. It is a great fruit to help support your immune system. 

The New Zealand Kiwiberry, a small berry, that has a soft skin, a sweet taste and is packed full of great health benefits. It is a versatile berry that can be eaten as a bite-size snack, or used in salads, smoothies, and fruit cocktails, to name just a few of its many uses. 

The NZ Kiwiberry industry currently has three varieties including Tahi, Marju Red, and Takaka Green which all provide slightly different flavors. Look out for them in the berry section of your supermarket.

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