Berry People: Mexican and Californian blueberries driving strong season

Mexican and Californian blueberry production driving strong spring season for Berry People

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Mexican and Californian blueberry production driving strong spring season for Berry People

Blueberry demand remains strong with American consumers, and Berry People, a year-round, full-line shipper of branded organic and conventional berries says it has promotable volumes of high-quality fruit available.

"South American supply delays caused by weather, port clearance and unloading delays caused by Covid-19 are behind us, and we now have steady volumes of great quality conventional and organic blueberries from our Mexican growers," said Jerald Downs, President of Berry People.

"Our growers in California report a fruit set that looks promising for harvest towards the end of April; we anticipate a steady transition from Mexican to Californian production over the next 60 days."

Berry People’s unique approach to grower relationships has helped fuel their triple-digit growth over the past three years.

"We bring a long-term perspective and a commitment to delicate bonds of trust to our grower relationships, and we strive to be true partners, with a holistic approach towards improving grower and Berry People operations from top to bottom," Downs continued.

"As a result, our business has grown organically through existing growers’ increasing referrals to their families, neighbors and friends. We are thankful for this organic, yet substantial, year-over-year growth, which has risen in tandem with our retailer and consumer demands."

Berry People anticipates a robust spring and summer blueberry season in 2021, with a broader and more diversified base of growers and acreage from California and the Pacific Northwest, allowing us to handle the June through September transition with continuity, quality, and volume. Berry People branded blueberries are available in 12 x 6-ounce, 12 x 1-pint and 8 x 18-ounce pack sizes.

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