Expanding the global supply window for Hass-like fruit

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Expanding the global supply window for Hass-like fruit

Looking for an avocado that is similar to hass? Interested in an avocado variety that has a different supply time window with similar eating characteristics? Want fruit with solid post-harvest attributes and organoleptic data? Well, that is exactly what Corretajes Percit, a Chilean based company, and Avotopia™ a California native company, believe the global avocado market needs.

By the end of the 1990´s two Hass-like selections were found in commercial orchards in Chile, both probably naturally occurring bud mutations of Hass. In both cases fruit size was larger and in one of the cases data showed earlier dry matter under Chilean conditions. Trees were reproduced for further evaluation and data collection. After evaluating production, fruit size, postharvest behavior, and other attributes, they were presented for PBR in Chile. The material was also shared with different avocado researchers in other relevant production countries, including the University of California, Riverside, in the USA. After a number of years of global testing, both are officially registered in the United States as Flavia® and Eugenin®.

The opportunity to have Hass-like fruit that can be produced for different timings than the traditional Hass is exciting to the global farming community. Opportunities for exports and new local supply programs are augmented with timely harvest windows that offer superior returns. Additionally, data shows that the size curve of the Flavia® and Eugenin® tends to run on the larger side. For places like California that have predominantly serviced domestic USA avocado markets in the past, the reality of earlier timed export programs into Asia (December - March), when Mexican supply is older late season fruit, and Peru has not yet started, could be a very interesting option for USA farmers.

Francisco Gardiazabal one of the owners of Corretajes Percit, explains, “we are very excited for this new deal, as it allows growers to add value to their operations, as fruit size is improved, and new production timings are introduced.” Mark Buhl, President of Avotopia™ has committed to keeping an “open platform for any producers who are interested in the value of this scheme, so they can have access to the varieties”.

Along with this Avotopia™ will implement a proprietary digital collaboration platform that securely connects producers/researchers from around the world to learn about cultural management practices and the plant materials’ attributes.

“This creates a collaborative environment to share data and help create a “recipe for success” to educate future farmers/producers developing new global growing regions,” said Mark Buhl of Avotopia™.


Mark Buhl

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