California port congestion: New measures to speed up cargo throughput

California port congestion: New measures to speed up cargo throughput as congestion builds

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California port congestion: New measures to speed up cargo throughput as congestion builds

The ports of Long Beach and Los Angeles with both will expand the hours during which trucks can pick up and return containers in a bid to ease the California port congestion, website Port Strategy reports.

The new measures introduced by the San Pedro Bay ports follow consultation with multiple supply chain stakeholders and the US Department of Transportation. The US Government announced it would take action on congestion in August.

Mario Cordero, executive director of the Port of Long Beach, said the port will take the first step towards a 24/7 supply chain by maximising night time operations.

Gene Seroka, executive director of the Port of Los Angeles, stated that the port will expand weekend operating gate hours. Dubbed “Accelerate Cargo LA,” the Port of Los Angeles' programme will operate on a pilot basis to ensure that gate availability meets cargo demands and provides greater transparency to improve efficiency.

In addition, both ports have called on marine terminal operators to incentivise the use of all available gate hours, especially night gates, to reduce congestion and maximise cargo throughput capacity.

"Historic cargo surge" management

“We appreciate the leadership of the Biden-Harris Administration in marshalling a response to the unprecedented global supply chain disruption so acutely felt here at the San Pedro Bay Port Complex,” said Seroka.

“These steps, in addition to what has previously been recommended, demonstrate that the Port of Los Angeles will continue to innovate in order to manage this historic cargo surge.”

Cordero added: “The Port of Long Beach is prepared to take bold and immediate action to help the supply chain move the record cargo volumes that keep our economy moving, and we appreciate the support and leadership shown by the Biden-Harris Administration.”

The ports will work closely with the trucking community to ensure that all truck operators understand how to take advantage of incentivised gate hours as well as the expanded opportunities that will be created to move cargo during non-peak times. In addition to expanded hours and incentivized reservation priority, the ports urge terminals and the trucking community to consider other corrective measures.

The ports are also working closely with the White House Supply Chain Disruptions Task Force to alleviate bottlenecks and speed up the movement of goods to consumers, while expanding export opportunities for US exporters, including agricultural producers.

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