Cosmic Crisp apples gear up for early launch -

Cosmic Crisp apples gear up for early launch

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Cosmic Crisp apples gear up for early launch

For the first time since their launch, Cosmic Crisp apples will be on retail shelves in time for the Thanksgiving holiday.

Thanks to maturing trees and warm weather conditions, fruit will be harvested and shipped earlier than past release dates of early December.

Washington State farmers licensed to grow the Cosmic Crisp are planning to ship 5 million boxes of apples across the US during the season, which is predicted to be a full year.

This is significant for an apple that in total, has only been on the market for 12 months since its highly anticipated 2019 launch. Even with limited availability and the challenges of promoting new brands in an uncertain time, the apple reached an 11th overall ranking in the category last year.

“With a beautiful and large crop coming this year, we are making sure that consumers are served plenty of reasons to buy extra Cosmic Crisp® apples during the Fall and Winter holiday timeframe,” said Kathryn Grandy, Chief Marketing Officer of Proprietary Variety Management, the company who markets the brand.

“The flavor, texture, striking appearance and versatility of Cosmic Crisp® is what we all need for easy entertaining,” she added.

Grandy went on to say: “We are proud of our Washington State farmers who have shown such dedication to the collective success of the Cosmic Crisp®brand. It is a huge investment on everyone’s part."

The brand has a full lineup of promotional activities to engage consumers and retailers. From editorial coverage and events to influencer marketing and partnerships.

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