Pixofarm crop monitoring and forecasting app adds citrus and pears

Pixofarm crop monitoring and forecasting app adds citrus and pears

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Pixofarm crop monitoring and forecasting app adds citrus and pears

By Pixofarm

Pixofarm, the groundbreaking app that uses advanced image processing technology to provide accurate crop monitoring and forecasting, has announced that it is now providing the solution for citrus fruits and pears, in addition to apples.

The easy-to-use technology by the Austrian-based company analyzes pictures taken in the field from fruits and trees with users’ smartphones to measure fruit size, count fruits and provide additional information like growth rate, size class distribution as well as yield estimation.

Pixofarm provides currently three different solutions for growers - counting, sizing and forecast. Users can measure fruit diameter by taking pictures of the fruits or by using Bluetooth calipers, and they can also accurately count the fruits on the trees by taking a picture of the tree. Based on this information, as well as historical and forecast weather data, they can get reliable yield estimation data.

Pixofarm is also launching a post-harvest solution, whereby growers can take a picture of the fruits in the harvest bins in order to count the fruits and get size distribution for each bin, which can greatly optimize the packing, sorting as well as storage processes.

"Pixofarm takes the guesswork out of fruit counting and yield estimation. It helps producers to optimize their sales and marketing, logistics, storing, packing and inventory management efficiency," said Edrisian."It's very easy to use, as there are very simple steps to follow. If they are followed correctly, users can expect around 90-95% accuracy," he said.

The app, which was previously only available for apples, is now available for citrus fruits and pears. The app has been trained to cover all major citrus varieties.

Pixofarm has been able to speed up the new developments after partnering up with the global agri-input company UPL Ltd. The partnership has also allowed Pixofarm to reach many more farmers around the world."For us, it is a great advantage to have a strategic partner that is present in more than 130 countries and has very deep knowledge about the industry. We are working on developing new products together in the realm of digital and smart farming."

All the information in the app, including the user guide, will be available in Spanish and Portuguese in addition to English for this coming season.

While fruit producers and cooperatives are the main target group, the solutions can also greatly benefit other supply chain stakeholders such as exporters or packing companies.

"We offer complete flexibility and accessibility of the solution for every grower worldwide," he said. "In addition, it is very cost-effective with no limitations of time and the number of measurements."

Pixofarm app is currently being used in more than a dozen European countries, in addition to Australia, New Zealand, Chile, Argentina and South Africa.

The pricing of the product varies with regions and orchard size, and demos are also offered so that the solution can be tested first.

For more information, please contact

Farid Edrisian

Pixofarm GmbH

Tel. +43 676 9619697

E-Mail: farid@pixofarm.com

or visit https://pixofarm.com/

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