Chilean Avocado Committee shares 2021 season update

Chilean Avocado Committee shares 2021 season update

Chilean Avocado Committee shares 2021 season update

The Chilean avocado industry continues to face challenges but this season is looking to hit normal production levels, José Gabriel Correa, president of the Chilean Avocado Committee told Fresh Fruit Portal.

The challenges for the agricultural industry in general have been numerous, but getting materials and supply chain logistics have been major issues for Chilean avocados.

"To comply with the technical specifications of our clients, we have had to be more flexible, both at origin and with our clients at the destination in order to be able to export the fruit," Correa said.

To reduce impacts of these challenges, the Committee has developed various measures, one of which is based on the efficiency of the production chain, from harvest to packing.

“There is a part of the chain that you don't control so together with the ASOEX, we are working on setting priorities, so that everything that is fruit has preference."

Chilean avocado season 2021-22

The avocado season in Chile started between the end of August and the beginning of September, with the peak expected in December.

Correa estimated that avocado production will total 220,000 metric tons (MT) of which 120,000MT will be exported to international markets.

“We want to go back to a more normal season. Last year, only 78,000MT was exported due to climatic issues and the drought, which was very low compared to previous years," Correa said in early November.

"So far this season we have exported 30,000MT and we believe that the main market will be Europe, as historically it has always been, though we will probably export a little more to the United States."

Regarding new markets, Correa said that as Chile already has access to 99 percent of these markets,  new markets don't have to be opened at this time.

"We have two large markets that are growing, which are the United States and Europe," he said.

Regarding the projections for the coming years,  he believes that the Chilean avocado industry will continue to develop perhaps not at rates as high as in countries like Colombia and Peru, therefore, he is expecting smoother growth.

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