South American Blueberry Convention coming in 2022

South American Blueberry Convention coming in 2022

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South American Blueberry Convention coming in 2022

The first-ever event focused on the South American blueberry industry is coming to Chile next year.

The inaugural edition of the South American Blueberry Convention will take place on April 21, 2022 at the Sun Monticello Conference Center, just south of the capital Santiago.

Organized by Yentzen Group, the event will bring together members of the global blueberry industry with a focus on the Southern Cone countries of Chile, Peru, Argentina, and Uruguay.

The event is sponsored by the International Blueberry Organization (IBO) and is being organized in collaboration with the national blueberry associations from the four countries – the Chilean Blueberry Committee, the Peruvian Blueberry Producers’ Association (ProArandanos), the Argentinean Blueberry Committee, and the Union of Fruit Producers and Exporters of Uruguay (UPEFRUY).

The South American Blueberry Convention will be a unique opportunity to gather, learn and share information about the challenges and opportunities that affect this key region, from where around 60% of global blueberry exports originate.

The global variables that affect Chile, Peru, Argentina, and Uruguay are the same, meaning that, in some way, their destinies are aligned.

That is why it is important to create an event that brings together the main actors from this region and provides the information that growers, exporters and suppliers require.

A wide variety of topics of relevance to the regional blueberry industry will be discussed, including an outlook of the upcoming season, market trends, and export opportunities.

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