Cosmic Crisp apples launch in European market -

Cosmic Crisp apples launch in European market

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Cosmic Crisp apples launch in European market

Cosmic Crisp apples have finally launched in the European market, following successful commercial tests in 2021.

Having seen roaring successful over recent years in the U.S., the new apple has now also made its way to Italy, Spain, Germany, Scandinavia and the U.K. thanks to the VOG and VIP consortia, which grow it in South Tyrol - Südtirol. 

“We were thrilled to launch the first major campaign for this heavenly apple, which offers a unique pleasure with every bite, an intense emotion as big as the sky,” remarks Hannes Tauber, Marketing Manager at the VOG Consortium.

“Indeed, ‘Heavenly pleasure’ is the slogan of the communication campaign that introduces stores to the unique pleasure that Cosmic Crisp® brings with every bite.”  

The apple enters the market in the second half of the season. With this year’s output of 1,200 metric tons (MT), Cosmic Crisp will be stocked in fruit and vegetable aisles from February to April. In the future it will cover the sales season until July.

“A perfect apple at any time of day,” explains Benjamin Laimer, Marketing Manager at the VIP Consortium.

“A magnificent sky, portrayed in its evocative settings and in the different colours it assumes from dawn to dusk, serves as a backdrop for the faces chosen for the campaign, conveying the sensation of pleasure it arouses with every bite. As well as of naturalness, pleasure and exclusivity.”  

The result of a cross between the Enterprise and Honeycrisp varieties, Cosmic Crispis  part of a new generation of apples and stands out for its attractive colour, featuring multi-faceted red shades on a yellow background.

Klaus Hölzl, Sales Manager at VOG Consortium, said: “We are starting the marketing campaign with great euphoria,” comments  “This is a revolutionary apple that our customers like because it appeals to consumers, who appreciate its extraordinary qualities."

"Following the success achieved in the USA, we are confident that Cosmic Crisp® is already winning over discerning consumers not only in Italy, but also in Spain, Germany, Scandinavia and the UK.” 

Fabio Zanesco, Sales Director at VIP, said: “We currently have 500 hectares of cultivated land in South Tyrol - Südtirol, which this year has enabled us to obtain a significant first harvest for the commercial launch; the sales campaign is scheduled to last until April."

“The goal, from now and over the next 5 years, is to reach a total of 40,000 gross tons: this is an impressive figure for a premium apple that has all the characteristics to revolutionize store shelves and that amazes consumers from the very first bite.” 

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