Vandenberg announces the start of its summer citrus program -

Vandenberg announces the start of its summer citrus program

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Vandenberg announces the start of its summer citrus program

As the winter citrus comes to an end in Morocco, Jac. Vandenberg, Inc. is preparing for a busy summer citrus season.

According to a statement, the final Moroccan Nadorcotts have been shipped and sold and the first easy peelers from Peru and Uruguay have already arrived, marking the start of the summer season.

John Paap, Brand Manager at Jac. Vandenberg assured that “we have a fantastic portfolio of citrus products which include mandarins, oranges, Cara Caras, lemons, grapefruits and tangelos.”

Volume will be picking up slowly in the coming weeks as Chile and South Africa enter the fold and while logistical challenges will likely continue, there is optimism for a smooth summer with high quality fruit.

One new product that Vandenberg will be offering this summer are organic lemons from Argentina. The fruits recently gained entry into the United States and first arrivals are expected in July. 

“Organics continue to grow in demand and the fact that we can now offer one of the world’s best lemons in organic format is very exciting,” stated Paap.

In addition, the company’s award winning bio netting packs, made 100% from beechwood tree fibers, continue to receive strong demand and support from both retailers and consumers alike. The netting is produced with significantly lower environmental impact versus its plastic counterpart. 

Paap announced the addition of “new artwork for our tags used on the bio netting”, which is available for Bagu brand oranges and lemons and SUNRAYS® brand mandarins. 

He claimed “the new artwork does a fabulous job calling out the unique elements of the pack”, allowing consumers to know “straight away” that “this netting is made from tree fibers and [is] home compostable.”

Furthermore, for a second consecutive year, Vandenberg revealed that, via its SUNRAYS® brand, it will be supporting Save the Children’s 100 Days of Reading campaign, which helps provide support and resources to kids in rural America most impacted by inequality. 

“To promote this campaign, we will be featuring a QR code on our SUNRAYS® mandarins packages all summer long that will direct consumers to the campaign’s landing page that features terrific content for children and adults alike,” said Paap.

From June 1st until September 8, every link that is clicked or QR code that is scanned by Save the Children supporters will help unlock donations of books, educational materials and healthy food for kids living in some of America’s most impoverished, rural communities.

Paap concluded: “As a family company that understands firsthand the impact of nurturing future generations, we are proud to support Save the Children’s 100 Days of Reading campaign.”

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