Sorma Group expands its range of post-harvest solutions

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Sorma Group expands its range of post-harvest solutions

By Sorma Group

Sorma Group, a world leader in the design and manufacture of packaging, sorting and weighing systems for the fruit and vegetable sector, is responding to the demand from operators for eco-friendly packaging by expanding its range of Sormapaper paper and cellulose single-material packs with new models and sizes. 

These solutions feature a breathable cellulose mesh, which guarantees shelf life and product visibility, and are made of 100% FSC-certified, easily recyclable paper. Sormapaper solutions can all be produced using Sorma packing machines with the addition of a kit.

One of the company’s latest packaging products is the Sormapaper Vertbag, a plastic-free version of the classic Vertbag net, consisting of a tubular net with a paper strip, which can be produced by the Sorma CBR packing machine.

Furthermore, Sorma’s new products include cellulose meshes with a paper label made by the RB2 and the R01 horizontal netting machine and paper punnets wrapped in a cellulose mesh, which can be assembled by the PK10. 

The paper Vertbag is designed for potatoes and onions and can hold up to 2 kg of produce; the nets and punnets are suitable for holding various types of fruit and vegetables, from courgettes to green beans, tomatoes, aubergines and more delicate peaches and apricots. 

In terms of automation for packing stations, Sorma Group completes its range of weighing machines with the WD4-S, an ultra-high-precision machine with superior performance compared to its competitors, suitable for citrus fruits, kiwi and avocado.

The WD4-S weighing machine is compact thanks to the feed belts inside. It takes up less space, but not at the expense of efficiency: it can feed up to four packing machines at the same time and maintains very high accuracy even as the speed increases, weighing up to 70 packs per minute. 

An additional photocell system also indicates when the fruit leaves one of the 108 individual cups, stopping the machine to avoid any damage to the trees and weighing cells, and thus increasing processing safety. 

Meanwhile, in order to be ever closer to its customers, Sorma Group continues to invest in the areas of the world where it operates. Sorma USA has acquired a new warehouse in California where it provides printing and after-sales services thanks to its large stock of spare parts and customised materials. 

The Group has also strengthened its presence in Italy with the Corigliano Calabro site in Calabria and Scordia site in Sicily.

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