Chilean avocado industry forecasts drop in production in 2022-23 -

Chilean avocado industry forecasts drop in production in 2022-23

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Chilean avocado industry forecasts drop in production in 2022-23

The Chilean avocado industry has started the 2022-23 season with an estimated projection of 186,423 tons, a figure that represents a 14% drop compared to the 217,000 tons reported in the previous season.

As for destination markets, 55% is expected to be exported whereas the 45% remaining is to be marketed domestically.

The reasons behind this decrease are related to less favorable climatic conditions, such as the drought and, mainly, the frosts that affected crops during late May and early June. These adverse conditions resulted in a lower production for most areas of the country where the fruit is grown.

The situation comes in contrast to the previous season, which benefited especially from better weather conditions and positive fruit setting.

Regarding destination markets, 55% of production is expected to be exported mainly to Western Europe, an area that has established itself as one of the main commercial destinations for Chilean avocado.

On the other hand, the remaining 45% is projected to be destined for the domestic market, which consolidates this fruit as one of the main crops of the country with the highest percentage of its production marketed in Chile. 

"Although we had a more complex winter due to frosts, the Chilean industry has demonstrated its enormous capacity for resilience and its high competitiveness in the world," said José Gabriel Correa, president of the Chilean Avocado Committee.

This is especially relevant when we consider that agriculture has been challenged by the local and global context, with great complexities in freight and logistics costs, strong increases in the prices of production inputs, and the difficulties caused by the drought

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