Kissabel apples charm Fruit Attraction goers

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Kissabel apples charm Fruit Attraction goers

The ongoing marketing campaign for Kissabel Apples has proved to be one of the high points of the conference at the Fruit Attraction trade fair taking place in Madrid this week, with visitors being able to sample the red-fleshed fruit.

Presently, the variety is grown in 14 countries and five continents. The product took over 20 years of research to develop, and four generations of breeding to produce the first sample specimens.

This innovation was developed with the aid of exclusively natural breeding techniques by the IFORED programme, an international partnership involving 14 of the world’s largest production and marketing companies.

Kissabel’s exclusive range was recently introduced to the UK by Worldwide Fruit, and is expected to consolidate its appeal to wholesalers and consumers alike during Fruit Attraction’s showcase. 

Emmanuel de Lapparent, International Business Manager for IFORED,  told Fresh Fruit Portal: 

“The red-colored flesh is an important innovation for this product, and it also constitutes a wow factor. When people first cut into the fruit, they are surprised because the outside looks like a standard apple. Also, from the first bite consumers can taste the unique berry flavor added to the natural apple flavor.”

Season 2022

The first commercial orchards were planted in Europe in spring 2016, with the first sample varieties picked by fall of the same year. Commercial tests became available in the EU in late 2017. Since then, the apples have successfully entered large international markets such as China.

Last season was a global success for Kissabel apples, with a demand that exceeded supply. On that note, growers are preparing for the upcoming period with positive expectations in terms of crop volume, fruit size, color and overall quality. The harvesting campaign for the Northern Hemisphere is presently in full swing.

Promotional activities will peak in October, around Halloween, especially for red-skin and red-flesh apples, according to the brand’s press office.

Kissabel apples can be found in three different varieties: Rouge, Jaune and Orange. Flesh color ranges from pale pink to deep red.

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