The highly anticipated Modi apples are launching this week to over 1,200 Northern and Southern California Grocery Stores

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The highly anticipated Modi apples are launching this week to over 1,200 Northern and Southern California Grocery Stores


JJB Family Farms proprietary, California grown, Club apple was released to California stores the week of September 19th.  The exciting collection of sweet, tart, deep red- and a loud crunch developed by Consorzio Italiano Vivaisti (CIV) of Italy.  Following last year’s successful debut at selected grocery stores, the JJB Family Farms, licensed and proprietary variety returns to the California’s market from October – December 2022, in most of California’s leading grocery retailers.

“We are delighted with the Modi harvested this fall in terms of the eating experience of the Modi Apple” reveals Olivia Kelso, marketing director for JJB Family Farms. “We are excited to have The Modi represented in most markets across California.” The objective is to take “The California Apple” an extra fancy Modi experience to a wide range of markets, with the volume we have now we are focused on the California market.”

Offering a unique deep red color, sweet – tart flavor, and the “Modi Crunch”, this season’s Modi crop – which now extends to all of California – is larger and more promising than ever.

The deep red-skinned Modi apple, developed in the PO Valley of Northern Italy, is suited to our climate in Northern California with our warm days and cool summer nights,” says Derrell Kelso, manager for JJB Family Farms. The incredible sweet-tart flavor, loud crunch and deep red color are something unique and special. The fruit is reminiscent of an apple from Old World Italy: genuine and authentic, the JJB Family has found a perfect home for the Modi here in the Northern California Delta region.

Bob Freeman, director of sales, is happy with this year’s crop of Modi Apples. “The apples sweet and tart flavor, combined with The Modi Crunch gives consumers The Modi Experience developers of the apple targeted” he comments. “Our field managers and production team have and continue to learn the science of harvesting the apple at the perfect Starch – Brix combo to heighten the consumers experience”.  With 600 acres planted, 150 acres in production, volume is set to double year over year for the next 5 seasons.  One of the first clubs to market and the perfect way to jumpstart retailers fall offerings on the apple isle.

The Modi apple is the product of more than a decade of varietal research using natural methods and was crafted in Northern Italy, a true natural work-of-art. Modi’s namesake, the famous Italian artist Modigliani, whose nickname was “Modi” was known to use bright red colors in his work that marry up with the apples coloring.

Don’t miss out on the Modi experience! Consumers are purchasing The Modi this year in the following stores: Vons, Pavilions, Safeway (Northern California), Ralphs, all California Sprouts Stores, Save Mart, Lucky, Vallarta, Superior, Rancho San Miguel markets and Food 4 Less (Stockton) stores. Over the next three months, we are sending out samples for retailers and consider for the 2023/24 season. If you are a company always searching for a product that will delight your clientele, an apple is as unique in its flavor as it is in its beauty, contact us, we will send you a Modi sampling.

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