Yummy Fruit’s produce packing robot reaches 20M apples milestone

Yummy Fruit’s produce packing robot reaches 20M apple milestone

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Yummy Fruit’s produce packing robot reaches 20M apple milestone

New Zealand-based Yummy Fruit Company invested in the very first Aporo robotic produce packing robot in New Zealand back in 2018. Presently, the robot has surpassed the significant landmark of having packed 20 million apples.

The Aporo was designed and is currently manufactured in New Zealand by Robotics Plus and distributed globally by Global Pac Technologies. The robot uses a multi-head pick and state of the art vision recognition technology to place apples in trays. 

“We could see that labor shortages were worsening and this technology seemed a logical next step for our business,” said Paul Paynter, General Manager of The Yummy Fruit Company. 

Global Pac is focused on acquiring and developing new technologies to optimize packhouse processing operations. The firm has seen great success with installations across the globe.

The technology could be soon present in France, as a container of robots is to be shipped within the following days.

“As usual, the Yummy Fruit Company was blazing a trail, and we now see hundreds of Aporo robots deployed around the globe packing millions and millions of apples per year, with no labor involved,” said Cameron McInness, Director of Global Pac Technologies.

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