Brown Bag Potatoes meet retail demand for sustainable packaging

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Brown Bag Potatoes meet retail demand for sustainable packaging

Wisconsin potato and onion distributor Vee’s Marketing, Inc., is offering a new sustainable consumer potato package to its retail customers around the country. 

Company president and owner Jason Vee first introduced his all-natural, 100% recyclable, compostable, and biodegradable bag in August. 

With this package he has rebranded his spuds, which are now Brown Bag Potatoes. 

Vee told Fresh Fruit Portal that paper keeps out light of the bag, which means less greening, and the potatoes stay fresh longer. Even Brown Bag’s glue and ink are made from vegetables. 

After a large investment in developing the new item, Vee has been relieved by a positive response to his new packaging. Brown Bag Potatoes got a great deal of exposure when Vee’s Marketing marketed at October’s Global Produce & Floral Show in Orlando. 

These features have pleased retail buyers who are very concerned about offering produce in sustainable packaging.

The minor additional cost of the biodegradable bag is not a deterrent to sales, Vee said.
The company promoted Brown Bag Potatoes again on Nov. 16 with a press release.

This noted that Vee’s Marketing was created in Wisconsin in 1990.

Jason Vee, with help from potato expert, John Alstrup, had the vision to lead the produce industry in sustainable packaging with their Brown Bag Potatoes.

“Times are changing and the demand for sustainable packaging is growing. Plastic bags are heavily used in the produce industry, which leads to landfill waste and environmental destruction.”

The release continued: “Brown Bag Potatoes is ready to set a new standard in the industry and reinvent the way people think about packaging fresh produce. The heart of the company’s mission has always been to provide value, and they are doing it in an inventive and revolutionary new way. Gone with the old standard plastic and in with the new – Earth-friendly paper!”

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