Fresh fruit giants Zespri and Driscoll’s partner with Freshippo

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Fresh fruit giants Zespri and Driscoll’s partner with Freshippo

Alibaba Group's digital intelligence-powered new retail company Freshippo recently announced thirteen new partnerships with global retailers and brands, including produce companies Driscoll’s and Zespri, Yahoo! Finance reports.

This comes as the Chinese company seeks to expand its import range, while leveraging its global supply chain.

Chile-based Garces Fruit is also joining the enterprise, along with Australian supermarket chain Coles, beef suppliers NH Foods Australia and O'Connor, Swiss supermarket chain Migros, among others.

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“Freshippo is committed to scouting the best sources and introducing the best products from around the world to Chinese consumers at the best possible prices, fulfilling their aspirations for a better life," Hou Yi, Chief Executive Officer of Freshippo said.

“We will also offer 'Freshippo Solutions' to importers to help them find the most effective way to introduce their premium food products to Chinese customers.”So far in 2023, the company has formed 33 new partnerships worth $1 billion with retailers and exporters around the world, as the Chinese firm works on accelerating its import business.

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