Giant Berry Farms anticipates “giant volumes” of California strawberries

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Giant Berry Farms anticipates “giant volumes” of California strawberries

California Giant Berry Farms is expecting a bountiful summer of California strawberries ahead, the company’s cornerstone product. 

High yields and good quality fruit will come following a later-than-average start for some of its growing regions—but despite this, the company is on track to deliver peak promotable volumes of California strawberries.  

“2023 was a challenging year for some of our growing regions,” said Andy Rice, vice president of field operations and product supply at California Giant Berry Farms. 

“Ultimately, weather impacted crops early on—from above average amounts of rain, flooding or uncharacteristically cold weather. Like most California production, our production curve was shifted, and peak promotable volumes are arriving, albeit later than average.”  

Out of the Santa Maria region, California Giant is reporting sizable, high-quality fruit. The region is amid its peak volume window, which is forecasted to maintain through mid-June. 

The Watsonville and Salinas growing region — despite initial weather challenges — are seeing a week-over-week increase in volumes, with estimates projecting substantial harvested volumes beginning mid-June and spanning to early August. 

Due to the area’s late start, the company is forecasting fruit will be available late into summer. The region's ranches are reporting excellent quality and flavor, alongside sizable fruit.  

Recent USDA data reports that gains in retail per capita consumption for berries have been very strong compared with many other fresh fruits. Strawberry consumption specifically has grown from 4.6 pounds in 2011 to 6.7 pounds in 2021, an overall gain of 45%.  

To support the expected influx of strawberries, California Giant employs Instacart advertising and Ibotta consumer promotions to drive purchase intent for fresh berries. In correlation, the brand will launch consumer engagement sweepstakes to further drive brand awareness and demand. 

 Through the shared industry goal to drive significant increases in strawberry consumption, California Giant continues to deliver a year-round supply of sustainably grown fresh berries.

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