First 2023-24 Chilean cherry shipment arrives in Shanghai

First 2023-24 Chilean cherry shipment arrives in Shanghai

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First 2023-24 Chilean cherry shipment arrives in Shanghai

Despite multiple weather challenges this year, and the incoming threat of El Niño phenomenon, the season’s first Chilean cherry shipment arrived Oct. 17 in Shanghai.

The crop was eleven days early this year, with harvesting beginning last Friday Oct. 13 for Garces Fruit. The company exports cherries, plums and other stone fruit grown in Agroindustrial Valle Arriba, located in Ovalle, in the northern Coquimbo region. 

The Brooks variety were the first to reach the Chinese port, and the company assured that this year’s crop has a great quality and flavor, with a high sugar content of 20 Brix.

Photo courtesy of Garces Fruit.

“We are ready and excited for the beginning of the season, this is the moment we’ve been waiting and working for all reay,” the firm says.

Related articles: Chilean cherries hit new exports record spoke to Agroindustrial Valle Arriba Manager Jorge Astudillo, who credits the end of the winter and a very auspicious beginning of the spring for the early harvest.

However, Astudillo points out that this year’s crop comes with a 30% decrease in production. 

“We are down from 26,455 pounds last year and this year we are going to be at 17,636 pounds. But we have improved the caliber considerably," he says.

The executive says the volume drop will be compensated by the excellent quality and larger size.

Graces Fruit’s Regional Manager for China and the South East Juan Latife assures that Chilean cherries are always a hit the moment they arrive in China.

"The Shanghai market is full of people waiting to see this first shipment, and that is a very good sign for this season we are starting. For us it is essential to arrive with an excellent quality cherry because the Chinese market is very demanding," he explains.

Chilean cherries arriving in Shanghai. Photo courtesy of Garces Fruit.

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