Fresh Farms sales team expands

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Fresh Farms sales team expands

Press release (Fresh Farms)

Rio Rico, Arizona - Fresh Farms, a leading produce marketing company owned by the Molina family, proudly announces the addition of industry veteran Shaun Ricks to its sales team. With over three decades of experience, including 25 years dedicated to fresh table grapes, Shaun Ricks brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise.

Established over 25 years ago by the Molina family, Fresh Farms has been a key player in connecting their farms directly with the market. As the company gears up for the current Mexico grape season, Shaun Ricks joins the team with a clear vision and dedication to furthering the success of Fresh Farms.

Shaun Ricks will play a pivotal role in representing the Molina Family grapes to Fresh Farms’ clientele while focusing on expanding distribution as volumes grow. His extensive experience in various aspects of the produce industry, from grower engagement to destination marketing, positions him well to contribute to the enhancement of systems and processes within Fresh Farms.

"My primary goal is to support the existing sales staff while boosting efforts to maintain uniformity in the grape supply chain," said Shaun Ricks. "I am excited for the opportunity to work with Fresh Farms and its dynamic staff, and I am motivated to succeed for the Molina Family, who have graciously given me the chance to return to the business I love after overcoming a challenging battle with Long Covid."

Fresh Farms anticipates a successful Mexico grape season, with approximately 7 million boxes expected in the total program. The company said Shaun Ricks' addition to the team further strengthens its commitment to delivering top-quality produce to its customers while fostering continued growth and success.

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