Port International expands Exclusive Partner Programme with Moroccan producer Karam Green Agri

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Port International expands Exclusive Partner Programme with Moroccan producer Karam Green Agri

Press Release (Port International)

May 23, 2024, Hamburg, GER. – Port International, a leading company in the import of fruits and vegetables based in Hamburg, announces the expansion of its Exclusive Partner Programme with producer Karam Green Agri. The Moroccan agricultural company from the Agadir region is known for its high-quality vegetable production and grows tomatoes, peppers, snack peppers, zucchini, cucumbers, cocktail tomatoes, and Baby Plum cherry tomatoes exclusively for Port International.

Karam Green Agri cultivates approximately 287 hectares along the Atlantic coast –a location which offers ideal conditions for the cultivation of first-class vegetables. Over 1,600 employees at Karam Green Agri are dedicated to sustainable production, employing hydroponics and using innovative tunnel facilities to reduce the use of pesticides. Additionally, a nearby desalination plant supplies more than 35 % of the company’s water demand. Together, Port International and Karam Green Agri plan to expand production by 60-80 hectares per year.

“Our collaboration with Karam Green Agri has significantly improved our performance in terms of quality and availability. The partnership allows us to offer top-notch products to our customers across Europe,” says André Lüling, Managing Director of Port International European Sourcing.

Jakob Lorenzen, tomato expert at Port International, highlights the benefits of this collaboration: “The state-of-the-art packaging facility at Karam Green Agri allows us to package products directly at the site of cultivation, meeting strict retail specifications. This ensures optimal freshness and highest quality for our retail partners and their customers.”

The Exclusive Partner Programme of Port International enables the optimization of the company's sales processes. The aim is to establish direct and fully transparent relationships between the retail food industry and producers of fruits and vegetables, thus ensuring an efficient and trustworthy supply chain right up to the supermarket shelves.

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