Polish farmers suffer crop losses due to spring frosts

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Polish farmers suffer crop losses due to spring frosts

Polish farmers are dealing with spring frosts that might cause damage on apple orchards, plums, pears, and cherries. 

The adverse weather has taken a hold of the republic for nearly a month, since mid-April, causing pollination problems for apples that are in bloom and leaving bloomed fruits blackened and unfit for consumption.

Early spring is the time of the year when apples are beginning to wake up from their winter sleep and is also the time for colder night temperatures in Poland.

As the trees develop in the spring and buds start to swell, they lose the ability to withstand the cold winter temperatures that they could withstand in dormancy during the cold winter months. The young, actively growing tissue can then be damaged or even killed. 

Temperatures have been dropping below freezing at night. Meteorologists warn that the frosts may continue for the rest of the month. 

To mitigate losses, farmers work through the night, spraying crops from 2 a.m. to 6 a.m., creating protective layers of ice. However, this year, even these measures proved insufficient.

fruit farmers around Europe have been worrying about their harvests due to the unseasonal frosts, Since mid-April the Balkan states have seen temperatures plunge from near-record highs to unseasonal lows, bringing snow and ice to much of the region.

In the Czech Republic, horticulturists report that several fruit trees across the country have been damaged, resulting in nearly complete loss. Damages in Moravia are estimated at around 50%, and the weather conditions could worsen the situation.

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