Agronometrics in Charts

Mangoes In Charts: Mid-year update - how does this season compare to previous years?

Mexico's mango exports to the U.S. are forecasted to be higher than last year, indicating that prices could be closer to last year's until the end of August.
July 23 , 2019

Avocados In Charts: Why falling prices could settle below 2018's levels

The USDA has forecasted a 20% increase on last year's volume from week 28 through week 41. If these figures are accurate, the readjustment in price could take us into October.
July 16 , 2019

Grapes in Charts: California sees low prices after Mexican supply surge

Industry sources expect this year to be similar to last, with low grape prices running from week 38 through the end of the year, when they could drop even more.
July 09 , 2019

Blackberries In Charts: California leads impressive category growth

California has seen blackberry growth at a very strategic time, and can take advantage of a natural gap in production left by Mexico, between May and September.
July 02 , 2019

Strawberries in Charts: Lower production brings prices back to normal

Last year's massive strawberry volume might have served as a good marketing tool, allowing for the high prices that we are seeing today, says Agronometrics.
June 25 , 2019

Blueberries in Charts: Finding opportunities in the gaps

The spikes in blueberry prices correlate to the valleys of production and vice-a-versa, creating a dynamic where the shoulders of the U.S. season see the best prices.
June 18 , 2019

Avocados in Charts: Will lower volumes from Peru fuel higher prices?

Peru is expecting decreased production, a more spread out commercial window, and ever-increasing diversification of the nation's customers- thus, its volumes won't likely dampen the market's current high prices.
June 11 , 2019

Oranges in Charts: Florida's volumes fall while Chile's rise

June 04 , 2019

Asparagus in Charts: Mexico's prices hit five-year low in U.S.

Mexico's arrival volumes in the U.S. market in April set a five-year high, pushing prices down significantly for the important supplying country.
May 28 , 2019

Apples in Charts: Honeycrisp, the queen of the U.S. market

Average prices of Honeycrisp apples have been far higher than the rest of the pack, as can be seen in the USDA data illustrated in our charts.
May 22 , 2019