Agronometrics in Charts

Strawberries in Charts: Expected California shortage, why aren't last two months of high prices a model?

Colin Fain of Agronometrics illustrates the 'dramatic' situation in the U.S. strawberry market over recent months and predicts what could be expected going forward.
March 05 , 2019

Pears in Charts: Recent pricing pushed below previous years' levels

Chile and Argentina are entering into a U.S. market that has seen higher volumes result in prices being on average 14% lower year-on-year since October.
February 26 , 2019

Grapes in Charts: Record California volumes reverse Chilean pricing trends

"Although it is normal for prices to increase as volumes fall, what is strikingly abnormal about this season so far is how the pricing dynamics have gone completely against the normal trends."
February 19 , 2019

Avocados in Charts: Record volumes for Super Bowl sent prices down - will this trend continue?

By comparing this season's data with that of 2015-16, some predictions can be made about what is in store for the U.S. avocado market.
February 12 , 2019

Mangoes in Charts: With supply deficits expected over coming weeks, could prices double?

By comparing the current data with that of 2015, we can get some clues as to what might be in store in the U.S. market.
February 05 , 2019

Fruit in Charts: The winners and losers of 2018 (Part 3 of 3)

Check out which commodities fared the best and the worst in 2018, considering growth in both volumes and prices.
January 29 , 2019

Fruit in Charts: The winners and losers of 2018 (Part 2 of 3)

Two fruits in particular stood out for their very high levels of year-on-year volume growth in 2018 in the U.S. market.
January 22 , 2019

Fruit in Charts: The winners and losers of 2018 (Part 1 of 3)

Two fruits saw averages prices more than 40% higher in the U.S. market last year compared to 2017.
January 15 , 2019

Asparagus in Charts: See how the market reacts as Mexico's volume more than doubles

Mexico has nearly doubled its asparagus volume in the U.S. over the last decade, but the market has reacted surprisingly.
January 08 , 2019

Fruit in Charts: What happens to USDA market data during a U.S. Government shutdown?

The shutdown affects most non-essential services, which unfortunately include those provided by the USDA market news service
January 02 , 2019