Agronometrics in Charts

Grapes in Charts: U.S. market has seen flat volumes and falling prices

The charts show that volumes from the U.S. market's five main origins have remained relatively steady over the last several years, with prices on a slightly downward trend.
May 14 , 2019

Blueberries in Charts: Mexico sends record volumes to U.S. market

The average price of Mexican blueberries also hit a five-year low in April, amid a delayed season in the Latin American country and a larger California crop.
May 07 , 2019

Bananas in Charts: U.S. market supplies hit five-year low

Weather-related issues in some of the market's biggest suppliers - including Guatemala and Costa Rica - have led to dramatic reductions in volumes that are illustrated in the charts.
April 30 , 2019

Kiwifruit in Charts: With stocks at five-year high, how will prices fare for Chile?

Chile is forecasting lower production than last year, but with higher stocks of Italian fruit in the U.S. market at the moment it is likely the market will remain stable with lower year-on-year prices over the coming weeks.
April 23 , 2019

Clementines in Charts: It's almost ClemenTime for Chile

A glance at historical price trends shows we could very well expect prices to start off around-or-above US$2.50 per kilo sometime over the next two weeks and stay in that neighborhood until mid-June.
April 16 , 2019

Blueberries in Charts: Prices enter their jumpy phase

Agronometrics highlights some of the particularities surrounding blueberries and predicts that prices will rise for a few more days and then drop back down as domestic volumes ramp up.
April 09 , 2019

Grapes in Charts: Mexico helps make America grape again

Luis Aragón of Agronometrics says that with the U.S. market set to start its seasonal price climb at any instant and with Mexico heralding a massive amount of product over the horizon, we should pay very close attention to both supply and effective availability.
April 02 , 2019

Avocados in Charts: Market jumps US$5 in one week on California shortfall

California shipments through last week only added up to 7% of the volume for that same time period in 2018, but a potential market opportunity window for the state is approaching.
March 27 , 2019

Apples in Charts: With prices at four-year high, how will Chile's lower crop play out?

The charts indicate that Chile could be in for a successful season this year in the U.S. market, which has been supplied with lower volumes of Washington fruit.
March 19 , 2019

Limes in Charts: Prices double in one week in U.S. market

The charts illustrate that this isn’t the first time we have seen such price spikes, but the time period when they happen is a bit of a moving target. 
March 12 , 2019