'Frutas de Argentina': Crisis-ridden fruit sector unites to form umbrella association

The Argentina fruit industry has come together to create "Frutas de Argentina", which will work to support the sector both domestically and internationally.
July 22 , 2019

Mission Produce: "We're going to continue to push the envelope" this year

We catch up with director of marketing Denise Junqueiro to hear about the company's plans for 2019, investments in emerging supply regions like "game-changer" Peru, and what could be expected in the U.S. market this California season.
March 25 , 2019

Indian development, global expansion and new varieties: Grapa talks plans for ARRA grapes

With Grapa's recent announcement of an exclusive growing and marketing deal in India, the company is now making inroads into one of the biggest grape production countries of the globe.
March 20 , 2019

U.S. table grape import season "interesting and unexpected", says Vanguard

The Washington-based company also anticipates a "very strong" green market in the U.S. in April due to supply shortages and also says it will handle a rising proportion of Peruvian IP varieties in the North American country over the coming years.
March 14 , 2019

Panama expects to start pineapple exports to China in the first quarter of 2019

Panama will not be able to compete with Thailand or the Philippines on price, but it hopes to establish itself as a niche supplier of high-quality fruit.
December 18 , 2018

Chile forecasts 17% export uptick as season gets underway

Total losses from the recent hail storm are expected to be around 7%, with export volumes to be reduced by around 3%.
November 26 , 2018

Europe: Avocado prices expected to recover as Peruvian season wraps up

Heavy volumes from Peru, South Africa and Colombia led to a protracted period of low prices amid oversupply in Europe over recent months.
November 22 , 2018

Chilean researcher creates liquid to prevent sliced avocados turning black

The product was also found to maintain blueberry quality during transportation, and a Chilean exporter is due to carry out a trial in November.
October 26 , 2018

EU avocado buyers analyzed rapid growth of Colombia Hass industry

Representatives of 15 companies from various European nations recently visited to the up-and-coming global avocado supplier to learn about the sector firsthand.
October 23 , 2018

Aiming to emulate blueberry success, Peru is set for a raspberry boom

Peruvian raspberry plantings are set to soar over the coming years, and, unlike Chile, the country is aiming to export mainly fresh fruit to countries including the U.S.
October 05 , 2018