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Indian mango exporter finds market in Germany

Germany has provided a welcome testing ground for mangoes from India's Rapid Import and Exporters.
May 15 , 2013

Opinion: is produce really riding the foodie revolution wave?

Dawn Gray says the produce industry needs to do much more to align itself with the public's growing interest in gourmet food.
May 15 , 2013

Chemical 'cocktail' found in Greek fruits and vegetables

Testing by Greenpeace found "highly toxic" and several banned pesticides in Greek produce.
May 15 , 2013

Mexico: Triple H makes shift to market focus

A Sinaloa-based group has moved away from direct production to focus on marketing produce in North America.
May 15 , 2013

U.S. Supreme Court rules unanimously for Monsanto

The U.S. Supreme Court upheld Monsanto's patent claims yesterday in a case against an Indiana farmer.
May 14 , 2013

Relative claims Liu a "scapegoat" in Zespri China fraud case

The nephew of a Chinese import agent has spoken out against kiwifruit marketer Zespri's practices in the New Zealand media.
May 14 , 2013

Chile seeks easier access in U.S. for pest-free regions

Grapes, figs and lemons from Chile may be approved for a systems approach in exports to the U.S.
May 14 , 2013

India could send record mango volume to U.S.

If production during the monsoon season goes well, India’s mango shipments to the U.S. could jump significantly.
May 14 , 2013

Colombia a "paradise" for avocados, says Antioquia leader

The Colombian avocado industry is ramping up production, GlobalG.A.P. certifications and market access talks.
May 14 , 2013

Export spike for Mexican papayas in early 2013

Mexican papaya shipments rose significantly in the first four months of 2013, as did grower returns.
May 13 , 2013