U.S.: Shenandoah Growers opens Texas indoor production facility

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U.S.: Shenandoah Growers opens Texas indoor production facility

Virginia-based organic culinary herb grower and producer Shenandoah Growers (SGI) claims it is "set to transform the distribution of highly perishable produce".

Through a proprietary combination of automated greenhouses and indoor LED vertical grow rooms to produce more than 30 million certified organic plants per year, SGI has now brought a third indoor growing facility online.

The new facility, located in Texas, is the latest component of SGI's innovative hub-and-spoke farming and distribution system, and only the most recent step in the company's three-year, multi-million-dollar nationwide expansion of indoor farming.

The group claims the system is quickly scalable for market growth, allowing Shenandoah Growers to "locally deliver certified organic superior flavor and shelf life at a fraction of the capital cost of other indoor farms".

"This indoor farm, and the two others in our system, are critical elements of how Shenandoah Growers is transforming the way perishable produce is grown and distributed," SGI CEO Timothy Heydon said in a release.

"With the integration of our modular indoor growing technology into our existing national footprint, we can grow amazing certified organic produce that delivers fresh flavor to consumers in a sustainable way, minimizing inputs of water, bio-media, land resources, and food miles. 

"We are proud to be a part of transforming agriculture production and distribution for the future."

SGI's Rockingham, Virginia farm complex serves as the eastern hub of a nationwide growing system, and with a farming and supply chain platform spanning the country, the group claims its indoor farms cover the Mid-Atlantic, Midwest and South Central market.

The group continues the expansion of its farms, greenhouses and the implementation of an indoor farming hub and spoke system on the West Coast, with completion expected in 2018.  



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