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Mexican govt identifies states for avocado diversification

The Mexican government is upbeat on avocado market opportunities, researching the viability of new production zones.
January 09 , 2013

Chile closes 2012 with 4% growth for citrus exports

Chilean navel oranges shined in 2012 with 9% export growth.
January 09 , 2013

U.S.: Alpine Fresh enters venture to bolster Florida blueberries

Alpine Fresh has entered a joint venture with Five Star Family Growers that could build into a larger North American program.
January 09 , 2013

Labor union threatens South African fruit industry with boycott

South African producers face another difficult week ahead with the possibility of strikes and boycott.
January 09 , 2013

Fruit Fanatic: an exotic fruit collector's Ecuadorian dream

Rolf Blancke describes a pristine Ecuadorian rare fruit paradise under threat from a thermoelectric dam project.
January 08 , 2013

United States: major organic farm files for bankruptcy

After six decades of operation, Colorado's Grant Family Farms faces closure.
January 08 , 2013

Chile: fruit fly detection will not impact exports

The detection of 11 fruit flies in Valparaíso sent a scare in Chile but will not shut down ports.
January 08 , 2013

Total Produce acquires majority share of Oppy

By 2017, Europe's top produce company will control 65% of the Oppenheimer Group.
January 08 , 2013

South Africa experiences mixed season for table grapes

Rains and further strike possibilities could hurt South African table grape output, in an otherwise good season.
January 08 , 2013

Plastic ball tests improve Maersk's fresh produce transport

Plastic balls treated as breathing organisms have helped MCI better understand produce transportation.
January 07 , 2013