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South African grape exports play catch-up

South Africa's grape intakes are now slightly up year-on-year in recovery from strike setbacks.
February 26 , 2013

U.S. cantaloupe association prepares for first year of certification

The Eastern Cantaloupe Growers Association will put safety standards to the test as it enters its first season.
February 26 , 2013

Peruvian region looks to grow fruit export sector

Peru's Lambayeque has its eye on becoming one of Peru's top 10 exporting regions.
February 26 , 2013

Opinion: using the Scholander pressure chamber to improve crop irrigation

Arturo Calderón writes on the water management benefits from using scholander pressure chambers.
February 26 , 2013

Denmark: Maersk exceeds profit expectations by US$300M

Maersk has attributed a strong profit result for 2012 to improved volumes, rates and unit costs.
February 25 , 2013

South Africa: new farm strikes threatened pending wage deadline

South Africa may have more strikes in the works if farmers do not honor the new minimum wage.
February 25 , 2013

Locust swarms prompt high alert for Egyptian and Sudanese farmers

Locust swarms have invaded winter crops in Sudan and threaten to impact growers in Egypt.
February 25 , 2013

Alliance a "plus for sales rates", says Camposol Agricom Fresh

Camposol Agricom Fresh's Sergio Torres outlines supply and trading plans for the newly formed Chilean-Peruvian partnership.
February 25 , 2013

U.S.: Dole to sell off Hawaiian land holdings

Dole hopes to gain up to US$200 million in proceeds by divesting 21,800 acres of land in Hawaii.
February 25 , 2013

Australia: Perfection Fresh to open Singapore division

Australia's Perfection Fresh will ramp up its Asia-Pacific presence with a Singapore office in June.
February 22 , 2013