Opinion: Supply shock, demand collapse?

In the wake of the Chilean table grape damage, John Pandol says "the idea of 'there’s half the supply so the price should double' never happens".
March 02 , 2021

Time for the blueberry industry of the Americas to come to the table

Following the last week's USITC ruling, Cort Brazelton says: "In the aftermath of this intense process, we have an opportunity to come together."
February 17 , 2021

Opinion: The debate on blueberry imports vs domestic supply is worthy of history books

Jim Prevor says that this battle over blueberries, and protecting US farmers versus providing for consumers, is truly a battle that has echoed through U.S. history.
February 11 , 2021

Opinion: More hope within the banana sector this year

José Antonio Hidalgo, Executive Director of the Association of Banana Exporters in Ecuador (AEBE), says the banana sector continues with the same passion and commitment as always while taking the challenges it faced in 2020 as lessons learned.
January 12 , 2021

What does 2021 hold for the international fresh produce sector?

John Giles of Promar International speaks about some things happening around the world in the fresh produce sector and what the U.K.-EU trade deal could mean for both sides.
January 04 , 2021

Ringing in the New Year: 2021’s global logistics outlook

Mike Short, president of global freight forwarding at C.H. Robinson, says that as the New Year approaches, it’s time to look at ways you can make a smart plan for global shipping in 2021.
December 23 , 2020

Opinion: What's going on in the U.K. fresh produce sector?

John Giles, a Divisional Director of Promar International, says there are many macro business issues facing fresh produce suppliers and buyers in the UK fresh produce market.
October 28 , 2020

U.S. importing and exporting: Understanding the basics

Kevin Doucette of C.H. Robinson says that understanding the basics of trade compliance can make it easier to keep up with updates, changes, and additions to trade laws.
October 14 , 2020

Covid-19 has flipped the value proposition of omnichannel shopping for constrained consumers

Nielsen says that six months into the pandemic, early reliance on e-commerce has expanded into a fundamental dependence on still-evolving omnichannel shopping experiences. 
October 12 , 2020

Vanguard lists five things to know about the Peruvian grape season

Vanguard International gives insights into five key areas about its Peruvian grape season, including information about the climate, its fields and its team.
September 28 , 2020