Opinion: How will we remember the UK's summer of 2021 in fresh produce?

John Giles, Divisional Director of Promar International, says the summer of 2021 is one we won’t forget in a hurry, and companies will need to be more resilient and better prepared than ever before.
September 13 , 2021

Opinion: How to safely return to the office

Vanguard CEO Craig Stauffer reveals his decision-making in what has become a complex and important matter for many businesses around the world.
September 02 , 2021

Opinion: The price of our loss in Afghanistan reminds the industry that reputation is a great store of value

Perishable Pundit Jim Prevor says: "We are not a political site here at the Pundit. Yet we think the collapse of Afghanistan is filled with lessons and warnings for people in business."
August 17 , 2021

Opinion: Grower property rights victory almost a half-century in the making

Perishable Pundit Jim Prevor provides opinion on the first Supreme Court case in this century to deal with labor law involving agricultural workers. 
July 27 , 2021

Opinion: Fortifying grocery food supply chains to meet consumer expectations

Gerd Utidewilligen of Emerson says that to meet consumer expectations and protect their brand reputations, grocers need to adopt best practices at every step of the food supply chain.
July 12 , 2021

Harvard study on produce and mortality: Five servings a day is key, but we need to quantify the benefits

Jim Prevor's Perishable Pundit interviews Harvard's Professor Walter Willett about a recent "big picture” study, involving more than 100,000 people, and offers some important conclusions.
July 09 , 2021

QIMA: The impact of the human factor in cold chain assurance

Our expert, Sebastián Scheggia, tells how the fresh food import and export industry must comply with the processes in the cold chain and the impact of adequate quality control for the assurance of the product's life in today's logistics.
July 06 , 2021

Permanent round table raises hopes for Dominican Republic’s banana industry

Banana Link International Coordinator Alistair Smith outlines developments that point to greater social dialogue and a brighter future for the many Haitian migrant workers on the country’s plantations.
June 10 , 2021

Opinion: Persecution in Spain against the avocado

Cristobal Aguado, President of Valencia's AVA-ASAJA, says that hundreds of families benefit from the performance of this crop, helping to turn the economic wheel in many towns.
April 27 , 2021

Five food trends and how they are shaping new safety requirements

Kirstie Jones of U.K.-based Navitas SafetyNow says: "Businesses should be seeking to utilize the rise of these five food trends in order to catapult themselves to greater success and deliver a service that the consumer demands."
April 19 , 2021