Chile late blueberry varieties see first harvest -

Chile late blueberry varieties see first harvest

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Chile late blueberry varieties see first harvest

Chile’s blueberry harvest has advanced to its most southern growing regions and now includes late varieties such as Legacy, Brightwell, Bluecrop and Bluegold as of week 52, 2010, according to the Chilean Blueberry Committee, using data from fruit consultancy iQonsulting.

Southern regions have seen an increase in the rhythm of the harvest as a result of rain on Tuesday, January 4, but little to no damage was reported. A 7.1 earthquake experienced in the southern regions near Temuco also produced no complications for the harvest.

In the central growing region, near the capital of Santiago the blueberry harvest ended during week 52. There are islolated areas in the VI Region where the last of the Briggita variety is being collected.

In the southern central regions of the VII and VII Regions the harvest is in full swing, with the Brightwell about 5% on its way. Near Curico the Duke variety has now been fully harvested. Briggita has now seen 50% of its harvest complete and Legacy 70%.

The far south regions experienced both the rains and earthquake but suffered no ill effects. Late varieties started being harvested during week 52 while the Duke variety is now 50% finished.

In all the harvest is now about 43% complete as off week 52 with a total of 27,456 tons exported.

Source: Chilean Blueberry Committee/ edited by

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