Argentina creates HLB-prevention program -

Argentina creates HLB-prevention program

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Argentina creates HLB-prevention program

Argentina has launched a national program to prevent the entry of citrus greening disease and to protect its citrus industry, according to local news website Antena Misiones.

The National Program for the Prevention of HLB will concentrate on phytosanitary controls, monitoring and diagnosing crops, and educating growers on how to prevent the disease, the website reported.

Monitoring the entry of plants into the country will receive particular focus at border crossings, the website said. Also of concern is the proximity of growing areas to Brazil, where HLB, or huanglongbing, is present. Misiones, a principal citrus-growing province, shares a border with Brazil.

The program will also try to set industry standards among growers for HLB prevention, according to the website.

Argentina produces about 3 million metric tons of citrus per year, employing 100,000 people.

Citrus greening disease is spread from tree to tree by infected psyllid insects that feed on them. It causes blotches or yellowing on leaves, stunted growth, and small or misshapen fruit, among other symptoms.

Photo: European and Mediterranean Plant Protection Organization


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