Grape scraps could be used for beauty products -

Grape scraps could be used for beauty products

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Grape scraps could be used for beauty products

Southern Hemisphere wine makers could benefit from a technology developed by Skinwine Andalusia and the University of Cadiz in Spain, which enables grape scraps to be used as materials in beauty products.

Discarded grape skins can be used to make raw materials for cosmetic gels and creams, which have been successfully commercialized in Spain, according to website

The study showed grape scraps can be crushed and sieved to become exfoliants, as grape seeds contain omega 6 and the materials extracted contain skin regenerative properties. Other components include tartaric acids, polyphenols and properties that are beneficial for unifying skin tone.

Ecoticias reported the Andalusian Wine Research Center has been selling cosmetic products that use grape residues for the last two years in Spain, with the next marketing venture on the cards in Germany.

The story said the active properties of the grape residues can be used in treatments such as massages and hot mud springs, while the Department of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Technology at the University of Seville found some grape properties could be used in nanotechnology products.

The Department of Medical Hydrology at the Madrid Complutense University is studying applications such as sludge thermal products and the treatment of ailments like arthritis and rheumatism.

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