South African citrus body requests comments on proposed export measures

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South African citrus body requests comments on proposed export measures

Citrus Growers’ Association of Southern Africa (CGA) opened the room for comments on their proposed land reform and rural development request to the Ministry of Agriculture. 

The proposal to extend these rules under the Marketing of Agricultural Products Act (MAP Act) 1996 aims to maintain accurate data and market competitiveness. 

The association's request asks for the continuation of statutory measures on citrus fruit produced, passed and packed for exports since the current statutory measures are set to expire on Dec. 31, 2024. 

The new measures, which will be implemented for a new four-year period, include compelling different citrus groups to register with the CGA in order to keep information bout processes and fee payments. 

The levy amounts proposed per 15-kilogram carton (R/carton) will be a decrease of R1.65 for 2025, R1.67 in 2026, R1.70 in 2027, and R1.76 by 2028. 

The MAP Act stipulates that levy may not exceed 5% of the price for a specific agricultural product at the first point of sale. The document says the "2025 proposed average statutory levy level of R1,65 R/carton, is less than 1,1% of the calculated average guideline price for citrus fruit exported and is therefore well within the limit of 5%."

Justin Chadwick, Citrus Grower's Association of Southern Africa CEO, emphasized the importance of data collection and levy collection in order to protect the future of the citrus industry.

“This is necessary to ensure that continuous, timeous and accurate information is available to all role players," Chadwick said. "The levies assist considerably in ensuring the smooth management and overall competitiveness of our industry.”

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