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Tanzania tackles red locust threat

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Tanzania tackles red locust threat

A Tanzanian minister has announced the government is taking measures to prevent the outbreak of green plant-attacking red locusts, The Guardian reported.

Agriculture, Food Security and Cooperatives deputy minister Christopher Chiza told a press conference that the country had not experienced such an outbreak in years, with four known major breeding areas causing serious threats, the story reported.

He said the government had sought help from the International Locusts Control Organisation to conduct aerial survey and control operations, The Guardian reported.

“They are coming here mid next month for the second time to see whether the red-locusts still exists there,” he was quoted as saying.

Experts told the newspaper red locusts could fly between 20km (12.47 miles) and 30km (18.64 miles) in a day and fed on sugar cane, citrus and other fruit trees, cotton, cereals, vegetables and legumes.

Chiza said surveys would also be made in Malawi, Zambia and Mozambique, the story reported.

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