Peru pips record grape exports -

Peru pips record grape exports

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Peru pips record grape exports

A Peruvian market consultancy has told website the export value of the country's 2010-11 grape season has increased by 33% to US$200 million.

Inform@ccion president Fernando Cillóniz said the region of Piura was the big surprise for the season, almost doubling its exports from 10,000 metric tons (MT) to 20,000MT, while the broader industry was also very successful.

The positive result comes despite the effects of the year's prolonged La Niña epsiode.

"We have reached 90,000 tons (metric), which represents a growth of more than 30% in comparison to the last campaign in 2009-10 (68,000MT)," he was quoted as saying.

He also highlighted contributions from the regions of Ica, Lambayeque and Arequipa, as most production comes to a close this month, with some small lots expected in April.


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