Argentine region records 20% grape shortfall

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Argentine region records 20% grape shortfall

The Argentine province of San Juan has recorded a 20% fall in its table grape harvest compared to initial expectations this season, due to rains, labor shortages and cost inflation, reported Diario de Cuyo.

Enrique Ahun from Patagonian Fruit Trade told the newspaper the season's official figures would be released in May, but it was not a bad year overall as prices improved 20% following poor weather conditions in South Africa. However, there were delays in European demand and distribution due to a cold snap.

Expofrut SA manager Emilio Busnelli told Diario de Cuyo his business delivered 80% of the grapes expected in initial season forecasts, highlighting 95mm rains on Feb. 22.

He said the Superior and Flame Seedless varieties were the most affected by the rainfall.


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