Namibia records 20.8% horticulture growth

Namibia records 20.8% horticulture growth

The Namibian Agronomic Board (NAB) has announced the country's horticultural production rose 20.8% to 59,040 metric tons (MT) in 2010, reported The Namibian.

The NAB announced the result was largely driven by increased demand for fruit and vegetables, as well as pre-planting arrangements between producers and traders to better meet market demand, the story reported.

"Most of the critics of regulatory measures have been proven wrong by the Namibian horticulture sector," NAB chairperson Gernot Eggert was quoted as saying.

"This higher production is all absorbed by Namibian traders who, of course, contribute not only towards imports substitution and higher levels of food security, but also to consumers having access to horticulture produce which is fresh and has not travelled long distances."


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