What's UR experience?

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What's UR experience?

Uruguay's farming sector may have only grown 1.1% in 2010 but increased demand for skilled labor has been difficult to satisfy, reported Elpais.com.uy.

Available positions have grown rapidly in the country's classifieds in recent months, with job titles including 'international agribusiness executive', 'animal nutrition promoter' and 'forestry or agriculture engineer', the story reported.

Federico Muttoni from HR consultancy Advice told El Pais more agricultural businesses were looking for personnel to maintain machinery, while key logistics supervisors were also highly needed.

Ascend strategic partner José Luis O'Neil said more positions were available for agronomists and crop supervisors, the story reported.

"Along with demand, the amount of business disputes are rising. Employees are receiving frequent offers and are tempted to change jobs. Therefore, wages are increasing," he was quoted as saying.

He told the newspaper it was increasingly common to see young people in supervisory positions of responsibility.

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