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Rains damage Brazil's dwarf banana crops

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Rains damage Brazil's dwarf banana crops

Rains in the Brazilian region of Santa Catarina led to reduced dwarf banana production in March, while damaged roads also set back exports, according to the country's Center for Advanced Studies in Applied Economics (CEPEA).

The Department of Commerce (SECEX) have not yet released export figures but it was expected the combined effects of lower volumes and a high currency value could restrict foreign sales.

CEPEA said production was also scaled back by low temperatures at night during the formation of clusters.

A good yield is expected for silver bananas due to warm weather and high humidity, while staggered production will likely keep prices attractive for producers.

CEPEA said rainfall and temperatures would decline from April in Santa Catarina and the Ribeira Valley, ensuring more banana supply during the second half in both regions.

It is expected mild temperatures combined with the use of irrigation will lead to higher quality fruit in the regions of Minas Gerais and Bom Jesus de Lapa.

However, the majority of Brazil's commercial banana production comes from the north of the country.

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