Mexico could channel Argentine lemons to the U.S.

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Mexico could channel Argentine lemons to the U.S.

Mexican President Felipe Calderón has offered to re-sell Argentine lemons to the U.S. as a solution to the trade barriers facing the South American country, website reported.

Felipe Calderón made the announcement during a lunch with Argentine delegates including foreign minister Héctor Timerman, who raised the issue of the U.S. applying 'supreme discretion' when it came to lemon imports.

Mexican President Felipe Calderón

"You can use Mexico to sell lemons to the U.S. if this market is currently denying (you)," Calderón was quoted as saying.

Argentina has been fighting to get back the lucrative market it lost in 2002 after complaints from local producers, undergoing rigorous Citrus Variegated Chlorosis (CVC) testing for U.S. regulators.

The final steps for U.S. fitosanitary approval are expected in the coming months, but a technical protocol is unlikely to be signed between Argentina and the U.S. before 2012.

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