Argentina's fruit exports rise 22% -

Argentina's fruit exports rise 22%

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Argentina's fruit exports rise 22%

Argentina's fruit exports have risen 22% this season but producers are concerned sales will not be able to offset higher domestic costs, website reported.

The story reported Russia was the largest export destination with total purchase volumes of 85,000 metric tons (MT) by mid-April, followed by the Netherlands (65,000MT) and Italy (45,600MT).

Sources told the website once these figures were confirmed there would likely be a slowdown in shipments in the second quarter, while the sector is not entirely optimistic.

"Although there exists a greater harvest with bigger sizes of the fruit compared to last season, many are just working with fear that final sales abroad will not compensate the domestic costs we have," one exporter was quoted as saying.

"The January strike ended up affecting the whole system and many of us left the fruit harvest to give privilege to Williams (pears) with the expectation they would get higher returns abroad," one farmer from the Cámara de Cipolletti told the website.

"But now they are telling us that the markets in Europe are stuck with the pear and operators are terrified the fruit will mature in storage."



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